New Year’s Baby Born at Sacred Heart Riverbend

By Jessica Debbas

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — For a few families in Lane County, the new year kicked off with new life. A Eugene couple, Terry and Tania Nash, rang in 2012 with unexpected plans when Tania went into labor in the middle of the night.

Hayden Andrew Nash was born at 11:30 Sunday morning by emergency c-section after the labor wasn’t progressing. The baby and his mother are healthy and doing well. It came as a surprise to the family; Hayden was born two weeks before his due date.

“We were hoping for a 2011 baby actually just to get that out of the way and start 2012 with all of our family together but we’ll take January 1st, said father Terry Nash.

This is the Nashs’ fifth child and the parents say it’s their last. Hayden wasn’t the first baby of the new year.

Another baby was born at 2:12 a.m., but the parents didn’t want to go on camera.

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