New Years Resolutions, Too Lofty?

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Whether you’re looking to shed pounds, quit a dirty habit, or perhaps fall in love, you’re not alone in the quest to reach New Year’s resolutions going into 2013. A recent study by the University of Scranton says nearly 50 percent of Americans participate in setting goals for the new year, but it also shows that less than 10 percent are successful in reaching those goals.

“It’s pretty well known that people that make New Year’s resolutions in a month, the majority of them have broken those resolutions,” said Sally Grosscup, a licensed Psychologist.

Many people agree those lofty goals often fall flat.

“People I think have really great ideas, but sometimes aren’t as invested as if they had come to the conclusion themselves,” said Stephanie Reyes, member at International Fitness.

The study says losing weight is number one on the list. International Fitness says it’s preparing for a large influx of new and returning members in January.

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