Newport Man Arrested For Machete Attack

Bruno-Antonio_mugshotNEWPORT, Ore. — A Newport man is in the Lincoln County Jail, accused of trying to attack someone with a machete.

Newport Police arrested Juan Bruno-Antonio Sunday afternoon, after responding to an argument at a home in the 1500 block of NW Nye St. in Newport.

Officers say when they arrived on the scene, they saw Bruno-Antonio leaving the home.  After questioning witnesses, officers learned that Bruno-Antonio, who had been drinking, got into an argument with a man at the residence. Police say the men separated after arguing, but Bruno-Antonio returned armed with a machete, and confronted the other man, who was armed with a loaded AK-47 rifle.

Witnesses told police they watched as Bruno-Antonio started swinging the machete at the other man, Juan Lopes Sanchez, who used the rifle stock to deflect the machete strikes.

Following a struggle, officers say Bruno-Antonio dropped the machete, and then started punching Lopes-Sanchez in the face and head.

After officers took Bruno-Antonio into custody, they say he tried to kick his way out of a patrol car, damaging a car window.

Juan Bruno-Antonio’s bail was set at $137,500.  He faces several charges including Assault, Attempted Assault, Menacing, Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Mischief.

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