Pharmacists in Oregon Will Prescribe Birth Control in 2016

By The Associated Press Dec. 31, 2015

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A new birth control law in Oregon is set to go into effect on Friday.

The new law will allow pharmacist to prescribe birth control to women older than 18, but women under that age will need a pervious prescription.

Pharmacist will attend mandatory training to prescribe the birth control and help match patients with the best option.

According to Fiona Karbowicz with the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, the process is simple.

“The first step of the process would be for her to fill out the questionnaire which provides the pharmacist with background of her medical history,” said Karbowicz.

So far, 150 pharmacists have been trained and the number should reach 800 by the end of February.

Oregon is the second state to pass the law.

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