Nights Turning Cold Again

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Daily Forecast Discussion: 

Dense fog is back for the evening and overnight forecast across most of Western Oregon. While the temperatures will likely stay above freezing tonight, some overpasses may become slick tonight, so some extra time will likely be needed. Lows will slowly fall to the low 30s overnight. Visibility has dropped below a mile in many spots, so take your time tonight.

Tomorrow, the leftovers of a cold front will move across the state, bringing a small chance for some lightly scattered showers in the morning. A good push of colder air behind the front will drop some snow in the mountains and drop snow levels back down to the foothills, but most of the moisture will be wrapped up at that point. Not the best snow dump for the desparate ski resorts, but still, anything helps. Some showers will hold on through the afternoon.

Thursday is a transition day with mostly cloudy skies and overall quiet. However, the colder air will drop lows into the upper 20s so we might see some light flurries in the morning.  Heading into Friday and the weekend, a much more vigorous storm heads over top of the Pacific ridge and will bring some decent rain showers chances areawide. The mountains will start off as snow with this one, but should slush up to rain as its not very cold  in nature. All in all, a typical start to our winter, which officially kicks off at 9:11am west coast time.

Have a great Wednesday!

– Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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