Nine Arrested in ID Fraud Ring

id fraud announcementMontgomery, AL (CNN) — The U.S. Department of Justice charges nine women, accusing them of running an ID fraud ring.

Officials say the women stole identities from a number of U.S. soldiers and filed thousands of tax returns, claiming more than $20 million.

U.S. Attorney George Beck says it’s sad that soldiers defending the country overseas were robbed by fellow Americans.

“It’s unfortunate family fraud rings has become a common thing, to help steal identities. They work in certain specific locations. They gather information, pass it on to another family member who then passes it on to another family member who ultimately uses it to file false tax returns,” Beck said.

Authorities say one of the defendants worked at Fort Benning, which is how she allegedly obtained data.

If convicted, the women could spend decades in prison as well as face fines and other restitution.

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