Ninkasi Brewing Adding More Facilities

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EUGENE, Ore. — The thirst for Ninkasi’s craft beer is growing. The company is about to embark on a massive expansion, but keeping the hub for local brews on tap in the heart of the Whiteaker.

Hop right across the street from Ninkasi’s current production facility and you’ll see a large vacant lot and one behind it across the street. Later this week, those lots will start to transform into another brewing facility for Ninkasi and a new office building for its employees.

It will be Ninkasi’s fourth expansion since opening in 2006. The added facilities–a warehouse, cold storage local distribution area and a pilot brewing system–will span more than 70,000 square feet.

The added brewing space will allow Ninkasi to more than triple their output, from 95,000 barrels a year to 295,000. They’ll also have the chance to experiment with some new brews.

Despite their non-stop growth, you can find their label in six states. They’ve got their priorities straight when it comes to local love.

“Really it’s most important for us to make sure that we make great beer for the people who live here in the Whit and in Eugene it’s our home and we would never expand unless we continue to satisfy our customer base,” said James Book, Ninkasi Marketing Director.

On top of hiring new brewers and other positions, the company can also amp up its existing support for organizations that focus on the local community.

An official groundbreaking will take place on Thursday. If construction goes as planned, the new facilities should be up and running in about a year.

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