Ninkasi Brews Emerald’s Ale

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Emeralds Baseball is boosting local vendors and flavors at the ballpark this year by bringing in Voodoo Donuts’ maple bacon brats and carrying even more local craft beer.

But there’s one item they’re even more excited about. This summer there will be one more beer on tap, a special ale by Ninkasi Brewing Company that the Ems put their own little twist on.

Many would agree you can’t have baseball without a cold beer, and at PK Park most of the beers on tap are local. This season, Ninkasi is adding to its inventory at the ballpark with a beer they brewed with the Emeralds staff.

“It was interesting to actually have all kinds of hops in front of us and distinguished what kind of flavors we liked, what kind of smells, and we crushed them up and smelled them and had an in-depth conversation about how to craft the beer with the brewers,” said Allan Benavides, Eugene Emeralds General Manager.

“I’m a big baseball fan. The Emeralds are partners in the community, so this was just an extension of something fun we can do in the community. This is just baseball and beer,” said Marty Ochs, Ninkasi General Manager.

What emerged is now being called the Emerald’s Ale, but that name will only stick around until fans come up with their own name during the season.

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  1. marty ochs says:

    Nice story Lauren, although I am VP Sales, not the GM of Ninkasi. ha Anyway we can get the video that was on last night?


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