Ninkasi to Brew Space Beer

Ninkasi Space BeerEUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene brewery is preparing to go where no brewery has gone before. After a year’s worth of planning, Ninkasi is getting ready to prepare a special edition drink — Space Beer. Early next week in Nevada, the brewery will send 16 strains of brewer’s yeast above the Earth’s atmosphere and they’re working with the Civilian Space Exploration Team, the first amateur rocketeer group to successfully launch a rocket into space in 2004, to make it happen.

Ninkasi CEO Nikos Ridge says, “We really wouldn’t have expected to be doing this a year ago, but having met some cool people that allowed us this opportunity and in collaboration and partnership with them this is a pretty exciting thing and is indicative of the spirit of this industry and our company.”

Depending on how the yeast responds to the long trip, folks could be sipping on Space Beer as early as this fall. For more information on this maiden voyage, click here.

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