No Charges Against Liane Richardson

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Marion County District Attorney’s Office has reached a ruling in the case of former Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson.

Marion County Deputy District Attorney Paige Clarkson released a letter Monday morning say Richardson will not be facing criminal charges in a case filed in July saying Richardson allegedly altered her pay.

Lane County’s case against Richardson was referred to the Marion County District Attorneys office to avoid any conflict. Richardson’s attorney says that was the right move.

“We were appreciative that it got referred to an outside source just so there was no appearance impropriety since it was a Lane County matter,” said Mike Arnold, Arnold Law Firm.

Clarkson released this letter saying the “…deferred compensation does not rise to any criminal behavior. Richardson was given permission to make this change, its execution did not cost the county any money, and Richardson reverted back to the original contractual agreement once notified of the problem.”

“Since the beginning we expected this result. We expected this to be treated as the civil matter that it is. It is simply an employment dispute that is contract in nature. It is completely a civil matter,” Arnold said.

Richardson voluntarily took an administrative leave in July when the allegations came out. Last month, Lane County officially fired her. Then last week, the county board and Richardson reached a settlement limiting what both sides can say about the case. Arnold says it took time, but the results were what he expected.

“Despite the time that’s gone by, it was an uncomfortable wait because we couldn’t speak regarding the matter since it was being settled civilly. We always expected the result to be Marion County treating it as the civil matter that it is,” Arnold said.

Arnold says this ruling puts the matter to rest and Richardson can now move past this. Alicia Hays is currently service as the interim county administrator through March 2014. No one from Lane County wanted to comment on Monday’s development.


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  1. quasimodo says:

    I am sure the settlement agreement gave her full severance pay and a ton of other things she didn’t deserve public employees that break their contract with the citizens to do the best job possible for the citizens should be stripped of all severance packages and pensions see how well they want to let their own agenda’s and backroom deals that cost the taxpayers money dictate their retirment

    1. jason marks says:

      well, didn’t sound like she did anything wrong according to Marion County.
      They also said it cost the county nothing.
      Maybe it looked bad, but the move seemed more political than anything else.

      Now who is going to say Lane Government ISN’T political?

      Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other, I am just making an observation based on the info in the story.

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