No Charges Filled Against Richardson

SALEM, Ore. — The Marion County District Attorney’s Office announced it will not file any criminal charges against a former Lane County administrator.

The district attorney’s office says it was appointed as special prosecutor to review any potential charges stemming from the employment and practices of former Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson.

Following a full review of the investigative reports, the decision was made to not file any criminal charges.

“The alteration of deferred compensation does not rise to any criminal behavior. Richardson was given permission to make this change, its execution did not cost the county any money, and Richardson reverted back to the original contractual arrangement once notified of the problem,” said Paige E. Clarkson, Trial Team Supervisor, Deputy District Attorney.

For the District Attorney’s Office full explanation, click here.

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  1. Carlito Rey says:

    A related article, “Liane Richardson Officially Terminated,” states, “Richardson left the administrator post after an independent investigation revealed she took unauthorized payments.” Yet this article says that Richardson WAS GIVEN PERMISSION, according to a Marion County DDA. Why does the phrase ‘back room deal’ come to mind, do you think?

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