No Contaminated Steroids Sent to Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon Public Health officials have confirmed that no tainted steroid medications have been shipped to this state.

Three lots of contaminated steroid were shipped to clinics across the country, which have lead to more than a hundred cases of fungal meningitis, and eight deaths.

The Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division says that none of those meds reached Oregon, and there have also been no reports of the disease in the state.

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  1. Dave Moss says:

    I have had excellent speech all my life until I got a steroid injection last Aug.. 2012. Within 24
    hours I sounded like I was drunk. Slurring my words. My. Doctors swear to fact that none of the contaminated steroid was shipped to Oregon and I disagree. If anybody else in Oregon has had this same problem please take a few minutes and send me an e-mail.

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