No Local Fish Fraud

EUGENE, Ore. — The fish you ask for might not be the fish you get–that’s the conclusion of a national study that just came out.

If a deal at the fish market seems a little bit fishy, it’s probably because you’re not getting what you paid for. But local fish market owners say they’ve never seen this type of fraud in Eugene.

A study released by Oceana shows about one-third of fish sold across the country is mislabeled. Most frequently cheaper fish are labeled as similar pricier ones.

One local fish market owner admits he’s received mislabeled fish a handful of times, but those were accidents. Another fish market owner says his staff can tell customers what boats the fish come from, so there’s no need to worry.

“We deal as much as possible directly with fishermen and the processors here on the coast, so we’re pretty aware of our suppliers,” said Ryan Rogers, Eugene Fisherman’s Market.

Fish market owners say the best way to avoid a scam is to ask plenty of questions about the fish you’re buying. Both market owners told KEZI it’s easiest to tell fish apart when they’re whole.

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