No Pizza Deliveries During Storm

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EUGENE, Ore. — This weekend’s snow storm took a toll on local food delivery businesses.

Managers at Papa’s Pizza says they weren’t able to deliver food Thursday through Sunday because of road conditions. It affected customers and workers.

The general manager says many employees weren’t able to make it to work, and those who did just helped out at the restaurant.

With this weekend’s storm and the one back in December, management says not being able to deliver has been a huge blow to business.

“It definitely hurts us. You’re not making as much business. It keeps people from coming in. We had a lot of cancellation parties, but we still see a spike in people coming in on their own and wanting to pick up pizzas. A lot more pickups, obviously, than delivery,” said Brandon Moniz, General Manager.

The general manager says most customers were understanding of the weather conditions.

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  1. Empirical Rationalist says:

    Don’t worry people of Eugene! Many other pizza places put snow tires on their vehicles and still deliver in the snow. What is better than a nice toasty pizza in the snow?

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