No Plans to Close ‘Whoville’

EUGENE, Ore. — A passionate plea from the homeless community ends with some peace of mind for those in ‘Whoville’.

Many people were concerned the city would shut down the camp at Broadway at Hilyard, but the city dispelled that rumor.

The plea started with a song and poem, about an hour before the council meeting.

About 50 people, with signs in hand near the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, explained why they wanted the city to approve four emergency rest stops.

They say the need is too great  and the camp on Broadway is working. Then dozens went before the council during public comment.

After a lengthy session the city says there’s no plans to shut down the ‘Whoville’ site.

“I want people to finally accept that the unhoused will always be out there,” said homeless camper Tzedakah Bateliyah. “We will always have to provide for a certain segment of society that cannot and will not or isn’t able to meet the same standards that other people seem to think are necessary for life.”

“We are working here in the city both politically and financially at capacity to find better solutions,” said Eugene Councilor Claire Syrett. “At this point we’re stretched pretty thin. I know for folks living in truly dire straights it might not appear that way.”

This was the last council meeting before winter break. There’s a work session scheduled for this Wednesday.

The city says the first of two rest stops is still scheduled to open later this month.

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  1. Ron says:

    Theres plenty of nice warm homeless places in Portland……………………….

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