Noise Variance Request Denied

EUGENE, Ore. — Construction workers at the Capstone construction site won’t be getting an early start on construction.

The city of Eugene turned down the company’s request to start at 4:30 a.m.

Hammering, sawing, and welding can be heard outside the Capstone construction site downtown for 12 hours a day as crews work toward a looming deadline.

“CEI will deliver the first phase of the project by September 25th,” said Pat Walsh, Capstone Construction Spokesperson.

Although CEI contracting applied to get a head start on pouring concrete at the site, the city of Eugene denied its request.

“As we looked at the application and the public comment that we received as part of the process, we determined in this case that it wasn’t appropriate to have the early morning construction hours,” said Mike McKerrow, City of Eugene Permit Review Manager.

Neighbors wrote to the city, urging it to deny work starting at 4:30 a.m. two to three times a week.

“We appreciate that they asked, and since they got an answer back from the city, we appreciate that they’re accepting that answer. It’s gracious of them. We’re happy with that,” said downtown resident Patrick Westerberg.

It wasn’t just a handful of people arguing against the noise variance request.

“There were over 100 individuals that responded, mostly by phone or email, but it was pretty consistent on letting us know that the impacts they’ve had during the regular construction noise hours,” McKerrow said.

While the company could have appealed the city’s decision or file another noise variance request, the contracting company will instead work during the allotted 12 hours.

“There will be more truck traffic on 13th Avenue between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. in order to make those deliveries,” Walsh said.

Even though concrete trucks might cause a traffic backup on the streets, neighbors are happy they’ll get to catch a few more z’s before the construction begins.

Capstone says 380 people are set to move into the apartment complex by September 25. And although the city denied its request to get an early start on the project a few days a week, it is on schedule to finish before the students move in.

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