Non-Profit Raises Money for Book

EUGENE, Ore. – A local non-profit is reaching out to the community for help and using social media to get some social change.

Mobility International USA works to empower people with disabilities to achieve their social rights through international exchange and development.

“It’s just an image that we don’t see very often and yet they are really making social change and advocating for disability rights and I think it’s great that right here in Eugene, one of the most accessible cities in the world, we’re able to say look at these strong women,” said Cerise Roth-Vinson, Chief Operating Officer.

Currently, it’s using Kickstarter to raise funds to publish a photography book that features disabled female activists from 41 different countries.

“The project is really about featuring the stories and experiences of women with disabilities who we wouldn’t otherwise know about their achievements,” Roth-Vinson said.

MIUSA’s has raised just over $9,300 and has until Friday to meet its $10,000.

To donate to MIUSA, click here.

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