Non-stop Flights to Palm Springs

EUGENE, Ore. — Allegiant Air is looking out for all you snowbirds in the Willamette Valley, as it’s now offering non-stop flights to Palm Springs, California just in time to ditch the rain this winter.

Allegiant will fly its first non-stop to Palm Springs November 15.

The introductory one-way fares are going to be offered at $89.99, and will likely hover close to that, much like the fares for the airline’s five other affordable non-stop destinations.

“We keep going to the airlines and talking to them about new destinations and what would work for both the airline and the community,” said Tim Doll, Eugene Airport Director.

As part of Tuesday’s announcement, Allegiant gave away a pair of free round-trip tickets with a popular tie to their new landing spot.

The airline planted golf balls all over Eugene, and one lucky ball got traded in for the free tickets.

The new flights between Eugene and Palm Springs will be offered twice a week, and by the looks of the fares calendar, those will mostly fall on Sundays and Thursdays.


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  1. Linda Johnston says:

    Wonderful !!! How long do the introductory fares last ?

    1. Gershon Pressman says:


      august 21, 2012

      Keep adding flights non stop from Eugene.

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