Nordstrom Rack Announces Opening Date

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EUGENE, Ore. — Behind the construction fence, workers are putting the finishing touches on the outside of the Nordstrom Rack store. “We should be done probably next Tuesday or Thursday, I have a schedule already called in for Thursday morning and we should meet that without any problem,” said David Jones, supervisor for Ordell Construction.

While crews work to finish the outside of the store, others work inside at the same time. “It’s a complete orchestration what it is, what you’re doing out here is working with a lot of different people doing a lot of different things all at the same time and it’s just playing it out,” said Jones.

Come October 10th, the Nordstrom Rack will open it’s doors to shoppers. Those who remember the Borders Bookstore will notice the renovated space looks pretty different. “Remove the brick and sidewalks, come back with a South American wood called Ipe and precase panels, aluminum panels, and a lot of structural changes to the building,” said Jones.

In a statement from Nordstrom, the company said it’s already working to fill management positions from within the company. “We are excited to be putting together a great team of people to open the Oakway Center store and are confident we will complete this process in the next week. Then we will begin looking to fill about 50 sales, service experience, and stock positions,” said Kate Detoye, spokesperson for Nordstrom.

While just a handful of retail positions are posted online, the company said it’ll be posting the rest in the coming weeks.

Nordstrom recommends anyone interested in applying for a position create an online profile on the company’s website, then you’ll receive an email once the positions are posted online.

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