Nordstrom Rack to Open in Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. — Just two days to go until the Nordstrom Rack opens its doors in the Oakway Center in Eugene.

While construction was going on since May, the work to fill the empty storefront dates back even further.

“This goes back to when borders closed back in September of 2011,” said Steve Korth, Property Manager.

Property managers say it wasn’t easy convincing the store at the top of their list to come to Track Town, U.S.A.

“It took quite a few months to convince them to consider Eugene. Eugene’s a smaller market for them just demographically, so it just took some time it,” Korth said.

Nordstrom Rack fans say they appreciate their patience.

Doors won’t open for two more days, but several shoppers stopped by Tuesday to get a peek at what’s on the shelves.

Nordstrom representatives are equally happy about their new location and the ability to help out the local job market while they’re at it.

“We’re really excited to give them another way to shop with us closer to home,” said Nicole Munson, Nordstrom Social Media and PR Manager. “Our managers for the store did come to Eugene to help us do the opening, but we do hire 45 to 50 local employees for those in sales and service and stock.”

“Their success will obviously benefit everyone else here. They’re going to bring a lot of traffic. Eugene is very familiar with Nordstrom, their roots and their history here, and that success for them is going to benefit everyone here,” Korth said.

Nordstrom representatives say the new store will also have a mobile checkout system. When you’re ready t o purchase your items, just grab an employee with a green shirt and they can check you out anywhere in the store with what looks like an iPhone as long as you’re not paying with cash.

People are encouraged to come early Thursday morning to kick things off with the chance to win one of 30 $100 gift cards, and one lucky winner will get a $1,000 shopping spree.

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