Nordstrom Rack to Open at Oakway Center

EUGENE, Ore. — The empty Borders storefront is officially filled, Oakway Center announced Friday morning.

Nordstrom Rack signed its lease with the Eugene shopping center two weeks ago. Oakway Center managers told KEZI that Nordstrom Rack started construction even before the lease was signed.

The Seattle-based company will start moving in merchandise in May and open its doors to shoppers in October–a day that can’t come fast enough for everyone involved.

“We’re obviously excited to finally make a public announcement about Nordstrom Rack moving into Oakway Center,” said Steve Korth, Oakway Center spokesman.

Oakway managers aren’t the only ones excited about the new tenant, local residents are too.

The spot has been empty since borders left more than a year ago. Korth says management didn’t have trouble filling the spot, but they were just being selective.

“We definitely were never concerned about it, because this is such a prominent location, out front and center of the center, for us it was really more about exercising patience waiting for the retailer or retailers that would be good for the center as a whole,” Korth said.

“I think they’re a name that’s recognized, and people will be really excited for that. I think it will bring some more traffic out here, but you know it’s always busy out here, it’s great,” said Angus James, Oakway Center business owner.

Great for shoppers, for Oakway Center and its tenants, but Korth says also a good sign for the city as a whole.

“The fact that they came here is great for us, and great for the local market, but just the fact that they picked Eugene out of any other location in Oregon is just a positive sign, and certainly they’ll bring new jobs. It’s a great company, and they’ll stimulate other interest from other retailers,” Korth said.

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