Noti Family Helps Save Man After Crash

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NOTI, Ore. — A Noti family helped save a man’s life early Sunday morning after his car crashed into a wooded area and caught fire.  Early Sunday morning a car failed to stop at the intersection of Highway 126 and Poodle Creek Road in Noti.

The screech of tires and a crash right after woke up Bryce Shafer’s dad. “It sounded like someone fired off two gunshots,” said Shafer.

Oregon State Police said 43 year old Veneta resident Trevor James Lamberson failed to brake at the stop sign when travelling southbound on Poodle Creek Road.  He drove right through the intersection and into a wooded area.

“After that dad got out of bed, walked out, actually ran out with his knife, came out here, cut the seat belt, drug him out, and had me and my sister call 911,” said Shafer.

When the Shafer family walked across the street to the crash site, Lamberson’s car was on fire, so the family’s happy they acted fast. “If we didn’t, no one else would,” said Shafer.

This wasn’t the first wreck the family’s witnessed at this intersection. 13-year-old Bryce has seen dozens of crashes just like this, “twenty or thirty, it’s one of the first that I’ve seen catch fire though,” said Shafer.

Since the car was on fire, “he cut the seat belt, and drug him through the window and tried to stick him behind a tree so that way if it did explode he’d have at least a little cover,” said Shafer.

The family made sure Lamberson was safe before medics arrived. Once Oregon State Police responded to the scene, Lamberson was transported to Riverbend with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police charged him with DUII, reckless driving, and criminal mischief in the second degree.

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