Number of Bike Thefts Increase in 2013

EUGENE, Ore. – The Eugene Police Department reported an increase in bicycle thefts in 2013, so far.

Since January 1, 174 bikes have been reported stolen in Eugene. That’s up 64 percent from last year, when 106 bikes were stolen in the first three months of 2012.

A total of 848 bicycles were reported stolen in 2012, showing an increase in stolen bikes during the last three quarters. EPD says it’s worried that there could see the same increase in 2013.

Eugene police offer some advice to make prevent bikes from being stolen.

Officers say to bicyclist should register their bicycles online. After filling out the online form, bicyclist will be sent a sticker of ownership. If the bike is stolen, EPD will already have the description to file a report.

Bicyclist should use substantial locks, such as a U-Bolt style, to lock up bikes. EPD reported that many bikes have been stolen from inside garages, storage sheds and apartments, so bikes should be locked with strong locks at all times.

Students at the University of Oregon can also register their bikes with the UO Police Department on campus, at 1319 E. 15th St. or by phone (541) 346-2919.

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