Nurse Midwifery Birth Center Provides Natural Birth Options

By Melissa Frey

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Receiving the news that your pregnant begins an exciting time.

A lot of choices lie ahead, such as picking a name and a nursery theme. But more importantly, moms and dads to be are faced with many options for medical care.

In the heart of Lane County, Springfield has the only accredited birth center in the state. Open barely three months, this center has already facilitated over 40 deliveries.

“We just really wanted a friendly environment, more of an intimate relationship with our mid-wife, in a really relaxed home-like setting,” said second time mom Angie Marzano.

Angie’s son Dominic was born just five weeks ago. Angie says choosing to go with a mid-wife, and a natural birth was something she always knew she wanted to do.

“I was committed to having a natural child birth, I really wanted the experience, I feel like it’s a really powerful experience for women, and that’s the direction I wanted to go with all along,” said Marzano.

Pre-natal care with a midwife is about the same as it is with a traditional obstetrician.

“We use all of the same screening tests that any obstetrical provider would have,” said Michele Peters-Carr, CNM.

But once you go into labor, the process at the birth center is a natural one, using midwifery techniques instead of pain medication.

“That would be positions changes, pressure points, massage, the bath, water, and really encouragement,” said Peters-Carr.

And Angie says those techniques were perfect for her. “I think all women have the capacity to do it. Your body is a perfect machine, and knows exactly what it is meant to do and all of my births have been wonderful and incredible, and I wouldn’t change anything,” said Marzano.

In addition to the natural setting, Angie says having the hospital nearby brought peace of mind to her and her husband.

“Giving birth here was the best of both worlds because if something did happen, we were close to Riverbend where there was medical personnel available if something happened, so that was definitely a selling point for us,” said Marzano.

Though anyone can choose to use a mid-wife, delivering at the birth center is not an option for everyone.

“In order to be here at the birth center you need to be low risk. So we want to make sure that everything is normal during the pregnancy,” said Peters-Carr.

If want to learn more about the birth center, Michele says they offer free orientations once a week to learn about what the mid-wife experience looks like. For that information call 541-222-7750.

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