Nurseries Prepare for Spring

EUGENE, Ore. — With spring just around the corner, some local nurseries are preparing for their busy season.

It’s often unpredictable when spring landscaping will pick up. And although nurseries are already prepping the grounds for the busy season, they’re unsure when that busy season will begin.

During the winter months, most nurseries cut down on staff because although there’s work to be done, it only takes a handful of people to keep the plants healthy.

Once they start getting busy, nurseries will start hiring some temporary help.

“We’ll probably be hiring again later in the spring because we do stay pretty busy during the summer and we’ve just got to have more people. Sometimes we have to lay off somebody in the winter. This winter we were okay. We maintained four of them,” said Pamala Smallwood, Bloomer’s Manager.

Both Bloomer’s and Greer Garden managers say they hope this spring will be busier than last year. So far Bloomer’s wholesale department has been busy with orders from landscapers.

While some nurseries move plants into greenhouses for the winter, others don’t because they say most of their plants can survive outside in the cold.

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