NWCCU Helps Furloughed Workers

EUGENE, Ore. — A local community credit union is reaching out to help those who have been forced on furlough. As many count the days into a governments shutdown, others are counting another day they aren’t getting paid.

Northwest Community Credit Union says it’s been approached by about half a dozen members who are furloughed federal employees. Managers are extending a helping hand and offering to waive fees, extend payment deadlines, along with other assistance depending on a member’s need.

“Some are just asking for reassurance, reassurance that we’re here to help and they can call us and we’re going to help them,” said chief lending officer Bill Woods. “They didn’t know these things were going to come to pass and maybe they’re not fully prepared. So we’re here to help them over that bridge to when they get back to work.”

You can either call, come in with your furlough notice or go online and access more financial materials and live chat with a financial planner.

Northwest Community Credit Union says it has a history of working closely with clients going through these types of financial hardships.

It’s worked with members who have fell victim to large scale plant and mill closures and other layoff situations.

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