NWS Medford Reveals New Instruments

MEDFORD, Ore. — Twice a day, at the same moment around the world, scientists launch weather balloons into the atmosphere. The information the balloons collect is vital for weather analysis and predictions.

Oregon has one of a few stations around the world that will now use the best and most updated instruments.

The balloons carry instruments called a radiosonde and the latest version is now attached to all of the balloons launched from the National Weather Service’s office in Medford.

The office is just one of 24 offices in the U.S. to receive the new instruments.

“We have been chosen to do so because of our very high rank. We’re ranked top in the nation for our sounding reliability and data quality scores,” said Meteorologist Brian Nieuwenhuis, National Weather Service.

Released weather balloons often land in the Klamath Falls and Bonanza areas. They have an envelope attached to be mailed back if ever found. But if never found, the new radiosonde is said to be more environmentally friendly due to smaller battery size and lack of styrofoam.

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