O Negative Blood Shortage

EUGENE, Ore. — The American Red Cross issued a statewide O negative blood shortage, Friday, and are asking for help to replenish their supplies.

Lane Blood Center said Lane County currently has a stable supply of O negative blood; but Linn, Benton, Coos and Douglas counties are in critical need.

“In the case of a trauma, O neg. is the first type of blood that’s reached for because they don’t have time to type the individual and O neg. can be used for anyone immediately” said Lane Blood Center marketing and donor recruitment director Marshall White.

People with O negative type blood are often called universal donors; their blood can help anyone in need of a quick transfusion.

Lane, Linn, Benton, Coos and Douglas counties are looking to replenish their supply after the recent Memorial Day weekend.

Managers said many donors left on vacation over the holiday and will continue to take vacations as summer approaches.

Managers also said there are more accidents during the warmer weather months, which means the blood supply is at risk.

To donate go to the Lane Blood Center or any American Red Cross location.

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