Oak Hill School Expands Again

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EUGENE, Ore. — One of Lane County’s newest schools announced that it’s expanding again. Oak Hill School announced the addition of a new high school building.

Oak Hill School is already unique in its campus, curriculum and class sizes. It’s also unique in its youth, only turning 20 next year.

“So we’re just now hitting our stride, just now getting to a place where classes are filling up. We’re needing to expand to meet all the needs of our students, and we’re fortunate to be able to do that expansion,” said Meghan Booth, Oak Hill Director of Admissions.

The new high school building will house common areas and new science labs for its upperclassmen. It will be the second campus add-on in two years, indicative of the school’s growth physically and conceptually.

“I think what we’re trying to do, is not just put up a building, is create a plan that is somehow in sync with the nature of the campus, and our core values, such as being green, such as global understanding, such as physical fitness being important, such as the arts as supreme,” said headmaster Bob Sarkisian.

Those programs are far from standard at many public schools these days.

Sarkisian says it’s no secret Oak Hill’s government-funded counterparts are struggling, with everything from cutting programs to class sizes, but he feels fortunate to be able to offer the opposite.

“The problem that everyone accepts and knows today is that Oregon and other states are having problems keeping quality going, so all of a sudden. I think people are starting to notice Oak Hill is there, and instead of saying, ‘Oh it’s a private school, It costs money,’ they’re starting to look at it as not costly, as much as valuable,” Sarkisian said.

Construction is set to start this summer, and the building will be ready for students in the fall.

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  1. Karen A. Meador says:

    Hello, our family has found that this is truly a life enriching, goal oriented, fun, challenging educational program that exists in our entire community. The kids are engaged, encouraged, succeed and move forward with good hearted, success-oriented teaching staff who really focus on assuring a good college educational outcome for each and every student. We are amazed and so incredibly fortunate to have our daughter enrolled in this school.

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