Oakridge Celebrates New Library

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — A more than 40-year-old dream came true Saturday in Oakridge as residents celebrated the grand opening of their new library.

The old library was built in 1961 and held 8,000 books. The new one is three times the size and will hold many more. The building was made possible by a federal grant and major fundraising efforts by community members. Residents hope the new spot will draw in many more new faces.

“There’s so much space. People in the community want to come in. We’ve had a plethora of volunteers in the past few weeks. So we could be double staffed, which we’ve never been before, which would be very, very nice,” said library volunteer Coral Zimmerman.

The library will begin with service only to city residents, but hopes to provide the entire surrounding communities with reading material in a few years.

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