Oakridge Hires New City Administrator

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — The city of Oakridge hired a new city administrator after what it calls an intense hiring process.

Police Chief Louis Gomez will take over the job. He’s been filling in since Gordon Zimmerman resigned at the end of last year.

The city faced considerable financial issues under Zimmerman.

Oakridge’s mayor says he looks forward to working with Gomez as the city works to rebuild.


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  1. tb says:

    Congrats to Louis- a tough job ahead,wish you the best…Go after some of these non tax paying squatters in there trailers living within the city limits…Fines create city revenue/and the end result is perhaps some folks will hook to the city sewer and pay taxes like the rest…A win -win for all…

  2. jim says:

    And don’t STEAL all that leftover money from the SECRET MILLIONAIRE that was supposed to be given to ALL residents of Oakridge – not just a select few! The city officials who were ousted must have taken a huge chunk of that money with them. ELECTED CRIMINALS who think they are above the law.

  3. jason marks says:

    goodness sake Jim, really?

  4. old-timer says:

    What a prize. We get a guy who has been trying like crazy to get out of Dodge since he was brought in. Now we’re going to pad his resume. Police chief of a bunch of thugs…great experience for becoming a city administrator. Now who is he going to hire to replace hismself? Another fine move by the Oakridge city council members…outsiders and degenerates, all of them

  5. Supporter says:

    Louis is a great man. He handles situations well and was truly the best candidate for the job. He cares about the city of Oakridge and I believe Oakridge will prosper with him as city administrator. For those with bad comments, did you maybe have problems following laws? Congratulations to Louis. Anyone taking this job after the Zimmerman mess is going to be harassed, hounded, and picked apart. I know Louis will come through this and eventually all the negativity will have to go away and be forgotten. He didn’t do anything wrong! Give the man a chance.

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