Oakridge Lists Lane County as Possible Source of Aid

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — The city of Oakridge voted Thursday night to seek a $500,000 loan and listed Lane County as a possible source to get that money.

But how could that be an option being the county is dealing with its own financial issues?

Oakridge City Administrator Gordon Zimmerman is scheduled to appear in front of the Lane County Commissioners on Wednesday.

Zimmerman is the one responsible for managing the Oakridge budget.

Councilors voted unanimously to seek half a million dollars to keep the city from bankruptcy.

Two banks were discussed as possible loaners, but they also talked about asking the county for their portion of the tax collection early.

“The city is seeking funding through a tax anticipation not which will be repaid with property taxes when they are received earlier this year,” said Gordon Zimmerman, Oakridge City Administrator.

County leaders say they have not met to discuss the proposal yet.

Zimmerman said Thursday night the city has $350,000 of bills due and only $310,000 on hand.

They are also planning to lay off employees to make ends meet.

The county has faced its own major budget cuts recently, and says it doesn’t have any extra funds to help Oakridge.

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