Oakridge Mayor Speaks Out After Recall Election

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — The unofficial votes are in for Oakridge’s special recall election Tuesday.

The three Oakridge city councilors and the town’s mayor will stay in their positions.

And now the mayor is speaking out about why he says this election was wrong.

He says it was a misuse of the recall process.

The mayor knew the petitions were coming way before the $420,000 of the city’s money was misallocated.

“Well it wasn’t a big surprise because I know I have philosophical differences with those people in town,” said Mayor Donald Hampton.

Those people, he says, are a few citizens who are angry about how the city has handled audits in the past few years.

But the voters cast their ballots, and a narrow 51 percent of them said keep the mayor in office.

Rayetta Clark, Amy Kordosky and Glenn Fortune all squeezed past, too.

Now Hampton is speaking out about the reason for the recall, saying he wants a law defining it.

“It shouldn’t be used just because you have a philosophical disagreement with someone. That’s what elections are for,” Hampton said.

For one councilor who wasn’t on the list, he says this recall has been fair.

And now that’s it’s over, he wants to move forward, but with a stronger council?

“I don’t think it’ll make them any stronger or not, but they’re really trying to get to the bottom of this, too,” said Councilor Ernie Baszler.

That includes not only what happened to those audits, but also the $420,000.

The overall consensus on both sides that KEZI talked to, even people who voted to oust the mayor and council, is that the city heals from this.

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