Oakway Fitness Planning Expansion

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EUGENE, Ore. — After years of planning, Oakway Fitness Center will be expanding this spring.

People can’t get enough of group classes. So much so, a number of them are becoming too crowded at Oakway Fitness.

That’s part of the reason the center decided to expand.

“The decision to expand actually began about three years ago. We asked our members, ‘what do we need to do, what would be the kind of changes we can make here that would make a difference?’ and they said we need more space,” said co-owner Jeff Robinson.

Robinson says the expansion project, which will cost more than half a million dollars, will add an extra 20 percent of space to the building.

That includes more space in the aerobics room and an additional functional fitness training room for classes like Crossfit.

A change in demographics also plays a role in the decision to expand.

“Our membership has really changed in the last few years. We have three fourths of our members are female. We love that. And females, women, love what you see behind me. They love group exercise, they love aerobics,” said Robinson.

Co-owner Kris Christensen says the trend makes sense. “Men have always worked out, but I think women, over the last 25 to 30 years, have really started to see that they need it.”

But the expansion isn’t only about serving women. She says men who frequent Oakway will enjoy the extra room as well.

“We can do inside bootcamps, we can do crossfit style workouts, we can do interval drills. We just do a whole lot more.”

Oakway Fitness expects to break ground in March.

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