ODF Warns of Fire Danger in Warm Weather

As the temperatures rise, so does the fire danger, and the Oregon Department of Forestry is warning residents to be careful in the coming weeks.

The ODF says that there haven’t been any new fires 10 acres or larger in the last week, but with the Fourth of July just around the corner, the risk is increasing. The department says that people celebrating the upcoming holiday should be aware of activities that are the common causes of fires, like off-road driving, campfires, and fireworks.

The ODF also says that failure to extinguish campfires is the lead cause of wildfires in Oregon and that in the last five years, 527 campfires have burned 1,115 acres and cost taxpayers more than $1,500,000. If you plan on building a campfire, the ODF suggests that you choose a clear area away from buildings, trees and low-hanging brush. When you leave the fire, don’t forget to put it out completely by dousing it with water and stirring the coals.

For more information on fire safety and prevention, visit the ODF website.

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