ODFW Discusses Coquille Valley Plan

CHARLESTON, Ore. ―The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will host a public meeting of the Coquille Valley Wildlife Area Stakeholders Committee to create a management plan for a new wildlife area.

The 12-person committee, representing landowners, drainage districts and agriculture, hunting, fishing and other conservation groups, will assist ODFW in creating a plan for newly acquired land in the Coquille Valley.

ODFW plans to restore the area to benefit the threatened coho salmon and other fish species. It also plans to provide nesting and feeding areas for other wildlife.

An important element of the restoration plan is to provide public access to view, fish and hunt in the area.

The meeting is from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on September 25 at the Charleston Marina RV Park, 63402 Kingfisher Dr.

The meeting is open to the public.

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  1. Paul says:

    ODFW just created a mosquito habitat in Bandon by turning that area into a swamp for fish habitat. So now they continue making the same mistake further up the valley. They realized their error with the help of local landowners, mosquito bitten residents and cancellations at Bullards state park and Bandon Dunes because of relentless mosquito bites. Now they have decided to spray toxins to get rid of mosquitos near Bandon. More expense to undo their folly. They need to cut the costs of licenses and tags by half so they will quit going around buying up land and undoing what generations of hard working farmers have created. Mosquito free farmland. Better yet, they need to buy themselves a boat and go to sea to find out what is endangering our fish out there and leave productive property alone. By turning these areas into wetlands/swamps a select few will be able to sell wetland credits to out of area developers so they can fill wetlands in their areas.

    To ODF&W…..Just say NO!

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