ODFW Reworks Budget

ODFWEUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says a way of life in the state is declining, forcing it to rework its budget.

ODFW says with fewer Oregonians fishing and hunting, there is less money to pay for wildlife management and conservation. The department has to look at how it pays for those programs.

Officials say they are also planning on requesting a larger share of the general fund and increasing the license and tag fees for those who hunt and fish.

A budget proposal will be unveiled Thursday, followed by a public comment period.


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  1. Rod W. Savage says:

    The reason could be increasing regulations. You took the Middle Fork Willamette from a great and safe place to take kids to a restricted river using only flies or lures and not to catch and release only. What small kid doesn’t want to be able to keep and eat his first fish ? Now they can’t even do that.
    That river has always had lots of trout and a lot of Cutthroats but since you started to ‘improve’ the habitat and the structures under the bridges to help the Cutthroat up the side streams to spawn. If anyone had taken the time to actually fish those side streams they would have found many small fish. Sometimes what might look good on paper and sound like a fine idea isn’t. Maybe some time spent with actual fishing or talking with fishermen on the river would have save a lot of money and kept the fish numbers where they were, increasing. I have spent more than 4 decades on that river and the fishing is the worst it has ever been.
    I doubt that I will ever hear anything back but the management of our hunting and fishing resources needs help.

  2. Jim B says:

    It’s always increase license and tag fees first. This, along with poor management practices is why the funding is down in the first place. I don’t know a whole lot of people that want to spend their hard earned money for a license to catch and release, but with the help of purist fly fishing clubs and environmentalists around the state that’s where we’ll end up. They have moved 100000 chinook out to the McKenzie and into the coast fork of the willamette in a effort to keep these people happy, while decreasing spring chinook catch opportunities to the majority population . And now in order to even fish for fewer numbers of salmon and steelhead on any river that ends up dumping into the Columbia system you have to pay another 9.00 a year for what they call an endorsement. Also know as a pay off the gill netter fund. Let’s not forget to include the recently invoked tax on water craft state wide. We’ll call it an invasive species permit, and tell everyone its to keep our waters clean of a little clam that doesn’t exist in our state. I’ve lived and fished in this great state my entire life, and for the first time actually considered not buying a hunting and fishing license. Congratulations ODFW on a job poorly done. Problem: another government agency lacking the skills to manage the spending of other peoples money(taxpayer).

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