ODFW Warns of Illegal Turtles

SALEM, Ore. — State wildlife workers are sending out a warning about the dangers of illegal turtles.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildfire says those turtles, most of which came to the state as pets, are actually causing problems in local lakes and rivers.

Experts say because turtles can live so long, up to 40 years in some cases, people tend to dump them. They say that’s not a good thing.

“You can upset an entire ecosystem just by having an additional animal there that did not evolve with the current players,”┬ásaid Christopher Yee, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Experts say think twice before buying a turtle as a pet from internet sites, street vendors, and even some pet stores.

If you want to know which turtles are legal to own in Oregon, click here.

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