ODOT Builds Fence Under Bridge

EUGENE, Ore. — ODOT crews are building a $20,000 fence under the Franklin Boulevard Bridge.

They’re trying to keep people from camping there.

ODOT estimated it spends about $50,000 a year cleaning what it calls illegal camp sites.

So after dealing with numerous health and safety issues, along with public complaints, ODOT decided to build a fence to keep the homeless out altogether.

ODOT representative Rick Little says HazMat crews have cleaned up human waste and needles from the site.

They’ve heard complaints about safety, including when those living there try and cross busy roads.

Little says the fence will help keep the area clean and safe, but it won’t fix everything.

“We understand we aren’t solving the problem. We’re basically solving the problem at this location. It’s our hope that the individuals who are camping here can find a location that is less of a risk to their own safety and the public safety,” Little said.

Not all neighbors are upset about people camping under the bridge.

One woman says she knows a family that’s been living there and they’ve always been nice.

It appears those living there have now moved their things under the other side of the bridge. Little says there’s no way to predict if ODOT will build a fence there, too.

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