ODOT Installs Cable Median Barriers

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — ODOT crews are installing a large fence in the I-5 median in different sections of the freeway.

The fences are actually cable median barriers used to protect against crossover crashes.

ODOT says statistics show the barriers reduce deaths and serious injuries.

ODOT says in the past five years there have been 30 crossover crashes in Lane County. Two of those crashes resulted in fatalities. Twenty-seven of those crashes resulted in injuries and six of those major.

ODOT started the project in the spring but got a little behind. Now it’s making its way up from the Beltline to the Lane-Linn County line. Thirteen miles of barriers are also going up from Cottage Grove to Goshen.

“It was identified as a priority because of the safety issues associated with the crossover crashes, and we are trying to do as much of this barrier construction each year as we financially are able to,” said ODOT spokesperson Rick Little .

Wildish Paving won the contract for the project, which will cost $2.6 million. That money comes from normal ODOT highway funding under the safety category.

ODOT is installing 31 miles of cable median barrier in Oregon this year.

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