ODOT Prepares for Coming Storms

EUGENE, Ore. — We might see some flakes here in the Willamette Valley. The passes will be a completely different story.

ODOT crews are already working to make sure the roads are as safe as can be for weekend travelers.

ODOT plows filled up on sand Thursday to get ready for a big change in the weather.

“It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a winter storm come through. It’s actually been pretty mild the weather,” said Lou Torres, ODOT Spokesman.

But it looks like Mother Nature is ready to stir up some trouble.

“We really have our crews out as we usually do for these big storms. And we make sure we have our plows ready to go and scrape the roads as clean as we can get them because it’s going to be snowing pretty hard,” Torres said.

As ODOT gets ready for the storms, it’s encouraging drivers to do the same before hitting the roads. Plenty did just that, coming in and out of the Les Schwab Tires on Division Avenue in Eugene.

“This morning we noticed it’s been a little busier and people are worried about the weather conditions that are imminent and coming in,” said Jason Gale, Les Schwab Tires Store Manager.

“I have to go to Bend to move my daughter over here and I heard it was going to snow, so I’m going to have my studs put on,” said Eugene resident Linda Sherman.

While the wait may have been long for some, they say it’s worth it.

The city of Eugene says it isn’t doing anything different than normal this time of year to prepare for the onslaught of rain and winds to come, but it does have its crews and equipment on standby.

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