ODOT Prepares Highways for Snow

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WILLAMETTE PASS, Ore. — Snow isn’t falling on Willamette Pass, but ODOT crews are out in full force Thursday, cleaning up the ice covered roadway.

One plow driver says the roadway near the pass has been completely covered in ice since Monday, so drivers have been working around the clock plowing and laying down sand and de-icer. But with these low temps, de-icer isn’t melting the ice, so crews are relying on sand.

“If we applied the de-icer in the temperature it’s at, it would melt a layer of the ice, and then it would refreeze. So, therefore, we’re sanding it and not putting de-icer on it,” said Wyland Ledbetter, ODOT plow driver.

ODOT says the key to staying safe in these slick conditions is driving slow, even if you don’t see ice on the roadway.

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