ODOT to Repair I-105 Ramp

EUGENE, Ore. — ODOT is taking advantage of that mild forecast to get some repairs done on an I-105 on-ramp in Eugene.

The overpass that takes drivers from 105 east-bound to I-5 south will be closed for the next four nights. ODOT will close the ramp from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday night through Thursday to work on cracks in the aging piece of highway.

During a recent look-over, inspectors found cracks in the girders, which are posts that run under the middle of the ramp. They knew they wanted to do the work sometime in February or March. They were just waiting for the best possible conditions for the kind of work they’re doing.

“All of that needs good weather both in terms of moisture and they looked at the forecast for this week and said, looks pretty good, let’s move quick, and we’re off and running,” said Rick Little, ODOT Spokesman.

Crews will insert more than 100 rods and seal them to strengthen the girders. ODOT says without these repairs it would have had to put a weight limit on this particular overpass.

Drivers traveling that route between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. between Monday and Thursday will instead take the Springfield city center exit, take Q Street back I-105 west, and take I-5 south from there.  Click here for the latest road closure information.

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