Witnesses Describe Shooting Scene

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EUGENE, Ore. — Police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting outside of the Churchill High School in Eugene.

At about 2:45 p.m. Wednesday, a Eugene police officer pulled over a 44-year-old man on Bailey Hill Road, in front of the Bailey Hill Fire Station and next to the high school. The suspect was riding a small motorcycle.

At some point, the man on the bike ran into the neighboring parking lot and the officer followed. EPD says the officer ordered the school on modified lock down. Police say the officer noticed the suspect had a handgun.

EPD is still investigating what happened next. According to multiple witness there was yelling and a struggle between the suspect and officer.

“Told my mom and my cousin, hey let’s go help,” said witness Marco Vasquez. “I got out of the car. When I approached him, the suspect had a gun in his hand. He popped off a shot.”

“My first instinct was that my cousin got shot,” said witness Jessie Owen.

Officers say the suspect, who they haven’t identified, is dead. Witnesses say the officer is a school resource officer.

The officer involved did suffer some abrasions, but is otherwise okay. He is on paid administrative leave, which is protocol.

Because deadly force was used, an outside investigation is under way. Police say they want to stress the importance of the officer’s response and specifically how quickly he put the school into lockdown.


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  1. Kathleen says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims family.

    1. Sparky63 says:

      Yes, it is too bad someone died but I’d wait till I had more info before making a judgement call one way or the other.

    2. Lisa says:

      By victim, do you mean the officer or the person that was armed with a gun and threatened the officer? My thoughts and prayers are with all involved, and yes it’s sad that someone died. It’s a shame that an officer was forced into that situation.

      1. Silas says:

        The officer was not forced into the situation. When people make the decision to become police officers they are essentially taking on a job that requires them to meddle into the private business of private citizens. No one forced him to be a police officer.

    3. jason marks says:

      How do they “go out” ?

  2. Starfruit Bongwater says:

    Welcome to the hood.

    1. system says:

      we have tweakers riding kids bikes in our hood….you can see them dealing on residential streets.

  3. Braxton Nagle says:

    Can’t imagine anything the victim did deserved death.

    1. Eugene13 says:

      Could not agree with you more Sparky63 and Lisa, the report lists the dead person as a ‘suspect’ so I will offer my thoughts and prayers to the family of the officer and officer’s family. It will be a tough time for the suspects family so they are also in my thoughts and prayers.

      Respectfully, the word ‘victim’ is used far too much these days….

      1. Sparky63 says:

        You are correct in it does seem “victim” is used rather broadly even when describing the individual that instigated the situation that resulted in deadly force.

        I know this is early in the reporting of this incident but the information does keep changing.

    2. MikeyW. says:

      Warning this comment contains extreme sarcasm:
      Yea because running from a cop onto a high school campus with a gun doesn’t deserve a couple rounds.

    3. don jones says:

      of course you can’t.

  4. CB says:

    It does not matter who did what to who, the loss of a life is always something to be mourned.

    1. elroyo says:

      Not so much here in the United States. Loss of life is almost always anticipated.

  5. jack meoff says:

    Better a tweaker than our kids who go to that school. Our kids would not have deserved to die either Braxton. The office made the right choice protecting the kids rather than second guessing. Hopefully Braxton gets put in this situation and see what they would do.

    1. tilatequila says:

      first off he wasnt a tweaker or a bad person! and he wasnt carrying his gun with any intention to hurt anyone! he was carrying his gun because it was his right to! stop judging him if u didnt know him!

    2. EugeneBlair says:

      So you are the judge and jury who determined it was a ‘tweaker’ and the cop did not over-react? In case you are not aware of what is happening all over Amerika, the police over-react massively. Too often, cops manufacture crime of all types or, pretext it by pissing people off. There is absolutely NO indication that the kids were in danger by the deceased. Police should generally stay in their station house and come quickly when citizens call. This whole business of “patrolling” and traffic stops causes far more problems than it solves. You don’t see the fire department lighting fires to justify their existence but you sure see the cops picking on people and puffing up nothing into the illusion of a crime wave all for the money it brings to to their prison industrial complex.

  6. VoiceOfReason says:

    Why do so many people make judgmental comments on something that they know nothing about?

  7. Tess6893 says:

    My Son was at the school at the time, he attends Churchill, I’m glad the kids weren’t hurt.

  8. Brooke says:

    I attend CHS and we were on lock down for almost an hour. Officer John is a great man.

  9. Randy says:

    The officer was a veteran of the armed forces and a seasoned police officer. He was assigned to protect the school campus, and it sounds like he was doing his job. In my opinion, if you are 44 years old riding a mini bike, in front of a school with a handgun, the police should be questioning what you are up to.

  10. Kelly says:

    First, to the family that lost a member, I’m sorry. Second to the Officer that used deadly force, I’m sorry you have to live and deal with that. If the suspect was such a up standing citizen , why a gun ? If he had a CHL and told the officer, then no problem ! Why did he run ? Why did he fight with the officer ? And if he pulled the gun, the officer had/ has a job to do period….

  11. Daniel says:

    Another case of a bully with a badge overreacting and now we have another victim.

  12. fed up says:

    seriously? the guy pulls a gun at the cop and fires it. the officer shot him and its the cops fault. His duty is to protect and serve.He did his job and nobody else got hurt. The guy chose to act the way he did. Soooo if i pull a gun on you ,will you just stand there?

  13. Baldr Odinson says:

    Our men and women in blue are heroes every day. I’ve heard from several witnesses, including a young friend who was there when it happened. It was a traffic stop gone wrong, with the suspect running from the school resource officer toward the school. I’ve also heard the suspect at first had knives, then may have gotten the officer’s gun, but I haven’t seen verification of that anywhere.

    This was posted at the Oregon Shootings page: http://www.facebook.com/OregonShootings

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