Officer-Involved Shooting in Coos County

BANDON, Ore. — A Bandon man is in jail after police say he brandished what appeared to be a rifle at officers.

According to the Coos County Sheriff’s Office,  Charles Crum called 911 shortly after 6 p.m.  on Tuesday night, requesting an ambulance.

Due to Crum’s past history with law enforcement, a police officer was dispatched to the property south on Marple Lane, south of Bandon.

After refusing to speak with police,  other officers arrived on scene. Crum then came out of his fifth-wheel trailer, holding what officers believed to be a rifle.

All four officers, fearing for their safety, opened fire at Crum. According to the Coos County District Attorney, Crum was shot twice in the arm. He was transported to the hospital, but refused medical treatment.

He’s currently lodged at the Coos County Jail.

The Coos County District Attorney will review the case to determine if the officers took appropriate action in shooting Crum.



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  1. Aldertree7 says:

    The officers need target practice. Four of them shooting should have done more damage than two arm wounds. They are trained to shoot at center mass, not wing him like an old west movie.

    1. jason marks says:

      well, maybe with all the budget cuts, they had to get their training from Lane County Sheriffs office, that would explain no one hitting the target… they have no sights on the guns….

      1. patty perkins says:

        it was not a target it was a human being and he was hit twice get facts straight or else and where did ambulance sound like gang of wanta be cops

  2. Tami says:

    They are also trained to hurt the suspect and not kill them unless needed.

    1. Ted says:

      No, they are not. They are trained to shoot to stop the threat, and aim for the center of the body.
      The “shoot to kill/shoot to wound” BS is only in movies.

  3. patty perkins says:

    I would like to know why are these police scared of a pellet gun when there packing hollow points whats up with that…we seriously need for these police to receive lessons in judgement ,caractor,,visual exams and anger control….get off this i wear a badge i can do as i please….I beleave these officers need much more traing before be aloud to pack a weapon of any kind,,,,maybe bring in state police to control things starting with the two law inforcements involved

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