Officer Shoots Dog, Residents Furious

8-12 dog shooting 3SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Questions are swirling and frustrations building, as residents wonder why a police officer shot a pit bull.

It happened Tuesday evening near the intersection of S. 41st and Camellia Street. Springfield police say the officer responded to calls of an aggressive dog. The officer then tried to get the dog to come to him.

That’s when police say the dog made an aggressive move towards the officer in the middle of the street. With little time to react, the officer pulled his gun and shot the dog which was just feet away.

Witnesses, who didn’t want to go on camera, offered a different report of what happened.

They say the dog was barking in her yard as the officer approached. He knelt down and that’s when the dog started coming towards the officer. She said at no time did the dog show any signs of aggression, she was just barking.

Everyone we talked with says they’re not upset with the fact that force was used, they’re mad about the choice of weapon.

“That was definitely overkill in this situation,” said neighbor Brenda Brick. “I don’t feel like that dog was that big of a threat at all. I live right across the street and I’ve only had positive interactions with that dog.”

“The officer wishes he wasn’t put in that position, but he was,” said Sgt. Richard Lewis. “That’s unfortunate for the dog.”

Sgt. Lewis says there was reports that at one point a driver used his car to block the dog from someone on the street and told the person to get in.

The dog’s owners say Quila was a rescue pit bull. Her owner say she was in critical condition at an area veterinarian’s office Tuesday night and the bullet was lodged in her head.

Sgt. Lewis says from his evaluation of what happened this was justified and no disciplinary action will be taken against the officer.

Police will eventually give all of the investigation information to animal control to see if any citations will be issued to the owner.


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  1. Sandra Re says:

    Just because they are a “cop” with a badge and a gun, they are believed. When several witnesses to the same event describe it with critical discrepancies and contrary to the officer’s
    “story”, I am more fearful of the officer than I am of the pit bull! The dog was trained obviously, and doing her job. HEY OFFICERS, YOURE TRESPASSERS TO DOGS WHEN ENTERING THEIR PROPERTY AND SURROUNDING AREAS. THE DOGS ARE DOING THEIR JOB! You know what a job is right? HEY OFFICERS, DOGS DONT SPEAK ENGLISH, READ ENGLISH, or LISTEN TO COMMANDS FROM STRANGERS even if they are wearing a badge. YOU ARE A THREAT. TRAIN YOUR OFFICERS TO BE SAFE WITH THEIR GUNS, PLEASE.

    1. Ed says:

      Sandra, it didn’t happen that way so CALM DOWN WITH THE CAPS YO. That dog was aggressive and charging that cop and was right on him. That’s not aggressive? Ever watch a pitbull attack? Did you miss the part where someone had to be picked up by a van blocking the dog? That’s not aggressive? Get real.
      That lady in the story is either oblivious to understanding dog behavior or just plain dumb. If it was so calm and she has had so many great experiences with it why didn’t she go get it herself before the cops came? Ding-Dong, anyone home? And this happened in the street, which I’m pretty sure isn’t the dogs lawn. Weird.
      This story isn’t written fairly its written for drama. I bet if they had talked to the guy who got picked up he would have a different opinion on whether that dog was dangerous or not.
      Cop did what he had to.

      1. Sandra says:

        Thanks for calming me down with your sarcasm and condescension! That is also so helpful.
        What I know is what I have seen, what I have read, what others who witness say happened. Interestingly, only the blue wall of silence have a story that doesn’t match anyone else on the scene. The dog was not charging him according to witnesses. So that is your own manufacturing scare tactic (work for the news team?) She was in her own yard and barking as he knelt down to call her over to him. She was not being aggressive. Or did you skip over that part? You think it is ok to have guns be a first defensive move from a cop? I DON’T. Apparently, you along with the men in blue don’t understand dog behavior, or the dog wouldn’t be in critical condition from being shot on her own property, and given a stamp of approval by ED.

        1. ED says:

          I appreciate you calming Sandra, the ED thanks you. And thank you for informing me my dog can’t speak or read English. All that money I’ve spent on my own dogs wasted! Bygones.
          Just to be sure were reading the same article I’ll cut and paste something for you…
          “That’s when police say the dog made an aggressive move towards the officer in the middle of the street. With little time to react, the officer pulled his gun and shot the dog which was just feet away.” in the middle of the street. in the middle of the street. in the middle of the street. Say Whaaaaaat? in the middle of the street. That’s what I thought they said.
          Wittness: “They say the dog was barking in her yard as the officer approached. He knelt down and that’s when the dog started coming towards the officer. She said at no time did the dog show any signs of aggression, she was just barking.”
          So she’s coming towards him and barking getting within feet of him, but not in an aggressive way. Got it.
          So to recap, she’s not aggressive according to the owner who was Not there, but from other less biased reports, there are multiple 911 calls, the dog corners some poor kid and has to be rescued by a passing van……wait for it….. but when the officer shows up she’s perfectly fine and is suddenly not aggressive, so he teleports the dog into the street so he can shoot it, because as the brain surgeon below suggested, he must have family problems. Ahh, it is so clear now. I often yell at people as I approach them as I find it soothes them myself. Weird.

      2. Sue says:

        Too many dogs are dying by the hands of the police. If the officers are so afraid of these dogs, they should not be in the police force. Obviously, their fear is greater than the need to do the right thing and serve and protect the way they should. To say that the dog was aggressive just because it was pit bull is the same as saying that all police officers are morans, ill-intended, ignorant, trigger happy cowards, along with all their supporters.
        Ione must use caution with generalizations. And yes, the officer will always say the dog was aggressive…what’s the other option? To say I have a gun and I love to use, or I hate dogs, or whateve else……

    2. Rose Bounds says:

      Some of us were there. Notice the article said it twice and its true. The officer asked the dog to come to him. The dog, who btw was a momma dog who was barking the first place to get inside to her puppies, did start to come towards the officer. Not aggressively, but of course she came to the officer, he knelt down and tried to get her to come to him. Says so in the article twice and was mentioned to me by every witness there. She was moving quickly. She thought she was going to her puppies. She was not aggressive. The officer was obviously not trained to tell the difference. He pulled his gun even though he had pepper spray and tasers and other less than lethal methods right there on his belt in plain view of everyone at his disposal, and instead shot that momma dog in the head. She died later of a hemmorage. due to a bullet being lodged in her brain. My neighbor was right there. Saw everything. Everyone is angry and furious because the dog was not being aggressive and neither the officer or the police department give a damn that they killed that dog. Sadly, the owners and the neighbors do give a damn. Once again, that dog was a momma dog with puppies, and everyone reports she wasn’t doing anything except trying to get into her own home to be with them. There was no real cause to shoot this dog.

  2. Kit J says:

    Why wasn’t animal control called in the first place? This is just an obscene use of power and force. I shudder to think what would happen if a police officer came across any of my dogs, who bark loudly, but are completely non-aggressive. The police officer in question should be punished, no doubt about it. You shot someone’s family member because of an unfounded fear. Shameful.

    Please provide a place where we can donate to the family to help with the medical bills.

    1. Glad says:

      Barking is considered aggressive behavior. Maybe you need to lean more about dogs.

      1. nancy foulke says:

        Barking is not always an aggressive behavior. Dogs bark in greeting, they bark when they are happy and wanting to play, or when they want to be fed. To say that barking is “considered aggressive behavior” is a false. Barking is how dogs communicate. Saying it is aggressive behavior is like saying cats meowing is aggressive behavior, or babies crying is aggressive behavior. Ask a vet or an animal behaviorist. They will all tell you the same thing.

      2. Sarahkate says:

        And maybe YOU need to learn about all the types of barking that dogs do. Barking is NOT always “aggressive behavior.” On the other hand – to a be-badged thug, even the mere existence of a dog is grounds for whimpering in fear and retaliating with lethal force. In case you didn’t get the memo – uniformed sociopaths also claim “OMG came at me aggressively” to justify shooting mentally ill, children, any skin color other than white, and elderly. If you doubt, take a read at the US DOJ report on police-sponsored violence in Oregon.

      3. Rachel says:

        For folks like Glad who clearly don’t own a dog or know anything about them.


    2. leona linville says:

      my dog barks loudly and runs back and forth on our fence but would not hurt a flea hes part pit and hunting dog and a big baby but he sounds feirce

    3. Rose Bounds says:

      Animal control was not called because “there’s no funding” Animal control no longer services the area in question. The city has funded a militarized police force at the cost of many much more necessary public services. In Springfield and Eugene this has always been justified as a way to deal with the homeless and the drug addicted.

  3. RB says:

    He should have used pepper spray, then a taser; ONLY if that did not work should a police officer use deadly force. Same as with a human. All this heartbreak could be avoided, and people would have more respect for the cops.

  4. Area Resident says:

    Dogs are pets and should be kept under control. If a pet is an aggressive threat to any individual, including a police officer, it is not a welcome addition to any neighborhood. Bottom line, do not let animals that can do real harm to people roam free and unattended!

    1. Kit J says:

      Using deadly force is not acceptable. We would never tolerate this if it was a human. All animals, human and nonhuman, deserve the same respect. You cannot just shoot someone out of illogical fear and get away with it. If the dog was truly aggressive there are better ways to deal with the situation. Since you say you are an “Area Resident” – please give me a clear and truthful example of when this particular pit bull actually HURT someone- I’d like an example that justifies a bullet to the head.

  5. Area Resident says:

    I fully agree. . .a pitbull that is barking, running free, and charging at a person is not a friendly animal. . .not to mention, why is the animal running free. . .dogs are pets people and the real party at fault here is the owner! Be a responsible owner and then the police won’t have to respond to your lack of responsibility and help to clean up your mess!!!

    1. Area Native says:

      I have a pit. It has never so much as bared its teeth at a person. It will run up barking to say hello and want to play. Dog owners understand. People that live in fear do not and have to be TOLD not to fear. It amazes me how many people live their lives in fear.

  6. georgie davis says:

    I believe we should question the state of mind the officer was in at the time. Was he having any issues at home or in his personal life? Sometimes we just feel the need to take it out on something, and today it was the dog! If the dog was in his own yard, why would he get shoot? Dog are suppose to guard their yards from anyone who is a stranger, especially an armed one! How could this be ok? who is paying the vet bill? so much for rescuing a pit-bull and keeping it safe huh?

  7. Me says:

    “They’re mad at the choice of a weapon.” So would it be better to beat the dog with a baton? Why would police or even animal control be called unless there was concern? Having been attacked by a dog before (while walking down a public street and being lunged at and bitten), I’d shoot too.

  8. violette frost says:

    Unless you were there you have no right to say what went on. I always vote for the dog because police officers have been shooting dogs with increasing frequency because its “easier”. They all need to be trained with a catch pole and papper spray and then if indeed bodily harm is iminent then us a taser. No dog not even a pit bull can go up against a taser. If I had to put money on this I put it on police brutality.

  9. Rob says:

    I know personally that this dog at large approached and threatened multiple people on a public street not in a yard. With out question multiple phone calls were made from separate people regarding a vicious dog at large. For those of you neighbors that know this dog and seen it attaching innocent people and did nothing are cowards, shame on you for doing nothing! Don’t move to my neighborhood your weakness and stupidity is not wanted. I would not want you as my neighbor. If any one is to blame it would be the dog owner. It is the dog owners responsibility for the care of there animal and not allow the dog to run at large on public city streets where innocent by standers are threatened with there life. If the police could follow up and issue citations to the dog owner / home owners for dog at large is what needs to happen. This dog was at large in the public and there are laws against this for many proven reasons. Lets not forget the innocent young children, pets and loved ones lost to ignorant pet owners. Keep your dogs/pets contained in a safe environment for there safety and others…………

    This police officer’s job is to serve and protect. That’s exactly what he did!!!

    I have had Pit-Bull, Boxers, Rottweilers, Shepard’s and other breeds of dogs and not one was ever shot with a gun or attached with any kind of weapon… Why? because I took my responsibility as a pet owner seriously and with pride….

    1. Sandi Sexton says:

      Were you there? My son was…..she doesn’t have to calm down. This dog never made a threatening move toward the officer in fact the neighbor’s who witnessed to whole incident were screaming at the officer not to shoot the dog because she was not doing anything at all. But he shot her anyways, then proceeded to chase her over into my drive way with his gun out, She ran to my son and roommate for help, they were not scared of the wounded dog! They said they were scared of the officer running around like a bumbling idiot with his gun out.He was still chasing her around while she was bleeding all over the place with his gun out not saying anything to anyone. He was shady and this situation never should have been handled in this manner. He was in the wrong! Then when he was asked afterwards why he was chasing her around and why he shot her when she was doing nothing wrong he could not even look the people in the eye and got defensive and talked over everyone. I am not a big fan of these big dogs but I am a big fan of any living animal and this was just straight wrong. I spoke with the owner this morning and she said the dog is home now because they could not afford further treatment so they sent her home still bleeding and groaning in pain she can’t eat or drink they said they will not remove the bullet. also she was refused treatment at one emergency vet like she did something wrong! This whole thing is wrong! The city should be paying for whatever treatment this poor dog needs now. I would be slapping a huge law suit on Jay Johnson the officer that shot her as well as the city. The blood is still in our driveway and the dog’s driveway where she was chased to and retreated, when she started out in her own yard to begin with. She was a rescue that was abused by a male and only was receptive to females….let alone someone in a uniform w/ a gun out. This is a complete failure on the officers part, and handled horribly, there is no excuse. The people who witnessed it and were screaming at Jay Johnson not to shoot Quila say they are filing a complaint against the officer.

      1. Rob says:

        Then where was your son and neighbors before the police showed up when the dog was at large?
        Not protecting the dog and putting it back in a controlled environment.
        hmmm I’m wondering why……..
        Maybe charges should be brought against you/them for not doing a kind civil act as a citizen and protect…

    2. Sandra says:

      Actually, the Springfield police call log reports 1 (one) call about a dog, last night, at 7:13. Not multiple calls as you have claimed.
      And when the officers arrived, the dog was in her yard, barking, but the officer felt comfortable enough to get down on his knee and coax her over to him in the street. Doesn’t seem to be an attack, or that he felt threatened by the dog. Where is his pepper spray? Taser? Pole? There were 5 officers on that call according to the report. 5. Thank god they didn’t accidentally shoot a child or ricochet a bullet into someone’s house as they were so fearful of being attacked! Then maybe you might question their thought processes, amount of force, and obvious planned intent to shoot, since there would not have been time to get his gun, release the safety, and shoot perfectly between the eyes in a matter of “feet” between them.

    3. CMFINC says:

      ROB your right on some things and way off on others. Yes the owners are at fault. That’s a given.. I own pits and have for years. And its always the owners fault but sometimes things happen.. OK with that said.
      1ST.. What make it the job of a police officer to play and in this case I say PLAY animal control officer? What kind of training dose he have to make the call on what is a scared animal or a mean animal or just a bark of whats going on ??? How much training dose the springfield police give to make this officer to know the bark was going to lead to a bite?? ARE YOU A COP OR A CONTROL OFFICER??
      2ED. If this dog was such a bad mean animal than why was not animal control contacted to take care of it and fine the owners and or take said animal.? I live next to 2 hours away from eugune were animal control is. And my pit broke out 1 time someone called about him being out. They drove over 2 hours to my house were when they got here my pit was put up. They left a not on my door were I had to go to eugune to talk with animal control over the complain of my dog at large. Were I was told next time fines. then they would take the dog. SO??? if this such a bad dog was running around like some people say the dog would be gone..
      3ED. Here we have a cop who is by all right to be TRAINED!!!!! in the use of firearms and deadly force. NOW. This don’t say much about there training if the dept. is standing behind this cop for what he did as being right. HE WAS WRONG!!!. He did not show up seeing this dog trying to kill or harm someone were he may of needed to use deadly force. NO .. He went after the dog were the dog may or may not of tried to protect its self or be scared of some guy coming after him. NOW REMEMBER THE TRAINING IN FIREARMS?? Lets look at it in a dif way. LIKE did the officer think about what might happen if he missed? Or what might happen if the round when through?? Im sure there were people watching this go down. DID THIS COP THINK ABOUT WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN DISCHARGING A FIREARM IN A NEIGHBORHOOD on public streets because he thought he might get bit?? BIT MIND YOU!! A BITE!!! Lets use deadly force on a bit..How would you all feel if this round this cop fired bounced off the street and went into your house window?? WHAT ABOUT little kids mom and dad in there yard watching this go down. AND DAD OR MOM OR LITTLE ONE GOT HIT BY THIS ROUND GOING DOWN RANGE?? WOULD YOU STILL SAY THIS COP WAS RIGHT??? You say to protect and serve?? HOW DO YOU FOR 1 SEC SAY HE WAS DOING HIS JOB??? He if anything put others in danger because he was scared he might get bit.. Postal workers every day take the chance of a bit. What do they do ? use pepper spray. Animal control every day take the chance of a bite. What do they use?? All I can say is the department is WAY WRONG FOR SAYING THIS COP DID THE RIGHT THING. B.S. ANd if this dog was so bad than why do the owners STILL HAVE this dog now and no tickets given?? AND I SURE HOPE IF I EVER NEED HELP AND NEED POLICE TO COME ITS NOT THIS SCARED LITTLE BOY OF A COP. BUT A MAN POLICE OFFICER WHO IS NOT SCARED HE MIGHT GET A SLIVER OR MAY BE BRACK A NAIL OR MAY BE GET BIT BY A BUG OR SOMETHING..

      1. Rob says:


        You have allot of questions and what if’s… Are you sure you know what you are talking about…
        Owners are at fault and need to pay for the fines they violated. I hope the Springfield Police do follow up and serve citations. After this the only question I have is yes why do the owners still have this dog? Sorry for Kiki the dog and the innocent by standers that were maliciously harassed/attacked.

        1. cmfinc says:

          my questions were hypothetical type questions .. And just questions in general. If you could read or had more schooling than the 3ed grade you would know this.. And AGAIN!!!! like I said and AGAIN I agree with you .. It is owners responsibly to keep the dog off the streets. But you will never ever get me to agree the the police were right in this matter. It has nothing to do with pits. It has to do with discharging a firearm in public because he was afraid of getting bit.. Lets put public at MORE HARM (than a dog bit) because ooooo god it just MIGHT HURT if I get bit.. B.S. And like I said. dog could of not been to bad as animal control never took the dog BE FOR any of this ever happened.. AGAIN BE FOR!!!! it this dog was so bad and the people who live there were scared why did they not call animal control ? LONG AGO;;; As if some one would of this may not of ever happened.

  10. Anon says:

    This story was covered in a very biased manner. The author is trying to cause controversy with the readers by telling a story that seems outrageous and unjust, but is very one sided. Let me tell you that the author disregarded information such as the dog chasing a 12 year old boy down the street on multiple occasions. The owners should be the ones being scrutinized, since they neglected to keep the dog secured from the public. Mace and/or a taser would do nothing against a dog that is attacking. Plus, what if you miss? Then the dog has the ability to carry out its attack. A dog bite is deadly force (which is why if you send you dog on someone, you can be charged with deadly force).

    The title is misleading as well. You simply cannot talk to one resident about the situation, which is what the author did. Then he has blows the title up and says “Residents”…plural. That seems like more sensationalized media coverage.

    1. Sandi Sexton says:

      Actually several residents were interviewed, I was one of them and there was a total of 5 that I saw. Please get your facts straight.

    2. jared says:

      you are WAY WAY WRONG.. A dog is NOT deadly force.. DO SOME RESEARCH be for you speak on stuff you do not know anything about. Your run of the mill dog/pet that gets out and bites a person IS NOT!! DEADLY FORCE.. Yes owner is liable for damage but will NOT be charged with deadly force.. 2ed If sending a dog is deadly force than why and how to police get away with having bit dogs on there department ??? They have these dogs as another tool to use OTHER THAN deadly force.. AND you say taser will do nothing?? Mace will do nothing.. HMMM funny how postal workers for years have used pepper spray as a way to chase off dogs. Sometimes it works sometimes not. ALSO FUNNY HOW PEPPER SPRAY IS USED to keep bears from attacking. I GUESS DOGS ARE MEANER THAN BEARS. LMMFAO. LAST!!!! I use to train K9s for L.A. county sheriffs dept. for golden west K9. The only way a person gets convicted of using deadly force with a dog is if said animal was trained to attack on command in a manner not allowed by law. (trained bit to the throat ect) and was sent on a person who is NOT !!! a fleeing felon and was used with intent to cause damage for no reasons. I-E you were not in fear for your life or well being. AND LAST THE FUNNY THING YOU SAID.. WHAT IF THE COP MISSED.YOUR RIGHT . . Well if I was to miss with my mace or taser than I guess id get bit.. BUMMER>> small price to pay if I was the cop and missed with my gun or hit the dog and it goes through and the round hits the street goes down range kills a mom or dad or a kid. YES PEOPLE THE COP WAS THINKING ALL THE WAY WITH THIS ONE.

  11. Julia says:

    I have owned many different kinds of dogs, I can say that the most aggressive dog that I have owned was a Doberman. If you have any thought that a dog “MIGHT” attack then stay away and if your a cop, use your speaker phone. I have had cops show up on my property and use there speaker because I had a mastiff in my yard. I never let my dogs run free in town. Be responsible pet owners. I think the cop should have approached it differently and this probably wouldn’t have happened.

  12. Rox says:

    “The officer knelt down and the dog started coming toward him.” This is classic puppy training. In training for recall, the trainer frequently gets down to the pup’s level to coax it closer. IF the officer was fearful of aggression he should not have been coaxing the dog toward him.

    Barking is not a reason for murder.

    1. Rob says:

      Rox and Others, Seriously;

      I know one of the people that was part of this incident and they walk for exercise to better there health.. So as a good tax paying citizens they cannot walk down there public street with out harassment and threat? What happens when someone has a stroke or heart attach because of undo stress? Who is to blame then? Is it there own fault because they felt safe?
      It was more than barking…………… cmon……… Lets put blame where it needs to be.

      1. Sandra says:

        So this is about an accumulation of events that makes you feel excessive force against the dog is appropriate, not that the dog was aggressive in the moment. I see. It seems to me if someone has a heart attack (please note the proper spelling) because of undo stress they are fragile in health and need to be seen by a Dr. (seriously?) You are really over exaggerating the events, unfairly, and using your own bias to color this event to fit your opinion, yet mock us who believe excessive and unwarranted force was used. lets do put blame where it needs to be. I hope you don’t own a gun.

        1. Rob says:

          Thanks for the mis type (spelling correction).

        2. CMFINC says:

          You are one of the few who have said things that sound like it comes from someone who has a clue about life and a clue about the real world.
          The ONLY TIME a police officer should pull his weapon is to protect life..ID be the 1st to say hell yes he was right IF!!!! he seen someone being ripped up a non stop attack in the streets..
          NOT because of barking or because the dog bit someone. People get bit everyday and we don’t here about cops shooting these animals in the news. And we all have to agree that if it even looks a little like a pit it makes news. Profiling is all it is. ANYWAYS..
          NO ONE WILL EVER convince me that its safer to pull a weapon use deadly force on a public street for a dog bit or bark.. is the right thing to do.
          Whats will government and or police do next???

      2. cmfinc says:

        LMMFAO.. than your friend the good tax paying citizen walk for exercise to better there health should of walked there butt to a phone and call animal control to come take care of it. LONG AGO..

        it is sad people like this try so hard to make others see there way is the only way.. LOVE THE HOPE YOU DONT OWN A GUN.. LOL. NOTHING MORE TRUE SAID HERE.
        Lets do put blame where it needs to be.. Yes a animal owner should control there animals. But in the real world things happen.
        Yes the police officer was more in the wrong than the animal owner..AND STILL DONT MAKE IT RIGHT TO USE DEADLY FORCE ON A PUBLIC STREET OVER A BARK OR BITE.. WERE IN THE REAL WORLD THINGS HAPPEN..

  13. T says:

    I wonder if this is the same Springfield Police Officer who shot and killed my brother’s dog back in 2011 on my brother’s property. According to the SPD, the dog was showing aggressive behavior towards the officer and the cop shot the dog not once but twice, even as the dog turned to run away! This was such a traumatic event for my family.

  14. missinformed says:

    This is a very sad story. I know nothing of the events that actually took place last night other than what I have been reading and hearing from my co-worker who is a personal friend of the owner. I happen to work in a vet clinic and have met this dog on one occasion (no behavioral concerns at that time). AS A VET TECH OF 15 YEARS, I CAN SAY PITS ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE BREEDS!!! Many are great family dogs. Others can have behavioral issues and because they are bred for fighting, can be very dangerous. Any Pit owner needs to be aware of the potential problems with the breed and keep them in a safe enclosure away from people that might perceive them as a threat. It is unfortunate that just because one sees a pit bull that they might automatically fear it. Personally, I have met chihuahuas, min pins, American Eskimos, various spaniels, herding breeds, etc. that I would consider more of a danger than half of the pits out there. I do not know what kind of training police get on animal behavior, but I think they can use more. This very well could have been justified (I was not there) but pepper spray can go a long way in deterring animals as well as humans! It may have been more useful than the bullet that didn’t actually kill the dog. The owner is low on the funds required to help her dog as a bullet in the head can be a costly repair. It would be great if there was a fund raiser to help her dog out!!!

    1. missinformed says:

      I have been told that a Facebook page will be set up for donation information…Good luck to this dog and her owner!!!

  15. Terri says:

    Can we contribute to vet bills to help save this dog??? If so where? They did NOT need to shoot in the HEAD!!!

    1. jared says:


      1. Gwen Jakubisin says:

        Donations can be sent here: http://www.savethepets.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=64&Itemid=57

        Please make sure to mark your donations as “kiki medical fund”

  16. laurie says:

    I would like to help too. I will hope info. comes soon on where to donate..Officers and others really need to give pitbulls a break. They are some of the friendliest and happiest of all breeds. I would be devastated if my pitbull was shot. It is killing me to see this dog in pain on t.v. Please set up an account soon to get your dog some help. The officer should have used pepper spray,and if he couldn’t control the dog satisfactorily after that…He really should retire. I am age 50 and I would never shoot any pet, even a pitbull attacking me…I would try to shove my hand down the throat a little…It is very hard for the dog to continue to bite with a fist in the throat…If I am tough enough to do that, why cant our officers toughen up towards dogs and not shoot first.. And if you think I’m blowing smoke about that I’m not scared of a “mean” dog then you don’t know me that’s for sure, I have a good heart, but I’M tough as nails…so
    take a lesson from an old lady, Jay and toughen up buttercup. Don’t go on a call and automatically beleive everything you hear about an incident, thinking this is a threat, when there was no threat at all… I hope the family can find solace in the people supporting them at this very difficult time

    1. Gwen Jakubisin says:


      You can go here to donate: http://www.savethepets.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=64&Itemid=57

      Please make sure to mark the donation “Kiki Medical Find”.

      There is also a public protest planned today at 4 pm at the Springfield Police Department.

  17. Rob says:

    I think we should get a protest against the people putting down and blaming our police force. Ban there stupidity…. A protest needs to be against the dog/home owners period. If there dog was well taken care for in the first place not tied up to a tree (Very Cruel) or allowed to get loose from its property then it would not be an issue. I see dogs of all breeds (yes including pit bulls) running lose all the time in neighbor hoods here in Springfield; Keep track of the police call log and you will see dog at at large called in every day. Tell me how many pets are shot by the Springfield police department ? You protesters are barking up the wrong tree.. Irresponsible pet owners are to blame.. They should be cited and fined for there dog running at large, assault, neglect, (tying it to a tree in summer heat) Really!!
    If your animal runs wild than its to be treated as wild.. If you like your pet then keep it safe from harm and from harming anyone else. Plain and simple. If you can not do that then dont expect special rights because your a poor irresponsible pet owner.
    Its sad the dog had to be shot but its the pet owners fault not the police officer… The police officer is trained to serve and protect in many times split second actions are needed. (KEEP YOUR PETS SECURED AND THEY WILL NOT GET SHOT) Thank goodness we have police that can respond quickly because the great neighbors that are for the dog are hypocrites; Where were you/they and the home owners before the police had to show up. Not protecting the innocent people being attacked. (Young boy, elderly person, 2 bicyclist and more I’m sure). Nor secure Kiki the dog. Why were you all hiding in your houses as people screamed in the street? Not one person came out until the police arrived. Except the kind gentleman in the vehicle saving the boy from harm.
    I’m a pet owner of dogs and love them dearly as apart of my family but if they were to get out and are malicious in public, threatening the well being of others I would expect the same possible out come. My dogs are well trained, registered, cared for (NOT TIED TO A TREE) secured dogs. If you can not be responsible pet owners then you should not have pets.
    On the lighter side haha that is funny and true..

    1. cmfinc says:

      And if you can not be a responsible police officer than you should not do the job. You kill me bro.. How anyone can think that pulling a gun.. on a public street.. shooting a dog with people around taking a chance something could happen is the right thing to do has no clue. I just hope that something like this don’t happen again and go bad in front of your house.. Were a bad thing becomes really bad. you read the news. Im sure you have watched the news on TV. And if not im sure you have seen movies … I guess since I grew up in L.A. I feel different on things.. Anyways. How many movies news clips new reading have you seen were a gang shooting ends up with someone who has nothing to do with any of it gets killed? Im sure you have seen news about mexico as of late were drug lords doing hits on public streets kill people who were doing nothing but shopping. BRO a bullet is not judgmental. It don’t care what you are.

  18. Cat says:

    Why am I not surprised at the reactions to this!! Once again the officer is to blame for irresponsible pet owners. I do not believe for one minute that the dog was in the yard as these witness’s are stating. I do believe the dog was in the middle of the street and that someone else had to rescue another person from an animal behaving aggressively!

    Stop harassing these officers! They have to make spur of the moment choices to protect the public and them selves.

    Wish this officer was present last week, When that little girl was being attacked…

    Sgt. Lewis says there was reports that at one point a driver used his car to block the dog from someone on the street and told the person to get in.

    the dog made an aggressive move towards the officer in the middle of the street. With little time to react, the officer pulled his gun and shot the dog which was just feet away.

    That was definitely overkill in this situation,” said neighbor Brenda Brick.( “I don’t feel like that dog was that big of a threat at all) HER OPINION AND LOOK AT THE STATEMENT ( ). Who is she to judge if the dog was that aggressive and has she had training???I live right across the street and I’ve only had positive interactions with that dog.”

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