Officer Shoots Woman After Pursuit

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ALBANY, Ore. — A Springfield officer shot a woman just outside Albany after she led police on an early morning chase.

The woman, from Springfield, is in the hospital listed in critical condition.

It all started in Springfield when police officers spotted a stolen SUV.

The driver of the SUV, Amanda Gatewood, led them on a chase to more than 30 miles north, where the drama only continued.

“As soon as I got on Highway 34, I could see the lights, and I first thought it was a car crash,” said Justin Tepper, Shell gas station employee.

But neighboring gas station employees quickly learned this crime scene tape wrapped around the entire Chevron station alluded to a bigger story.

“They said that she came from Springfield and they chased her all the way here,” Tepper said.

Linn County investigators say 44-year-old Gatewood stole a SUV registered to an elderly couple in Springfield.

Police followed her north to the Chevron station on Highway 34 where she got out and ran toward the store entrance.

Springfield police then shot the woman after she allegedly pointed a handgun at officers.

The gas station and a section of Highway 34 were immediately shut down for several hours.

“The girl that works there, she was really shaken up, and the manager came in here too,” said Tiana Scott, Shell gas station employee.

The next-door Shell gas station stayed open. Customers came in asking questions and so did police.

“State troopers they were just sweeping the parking lot and looking for bullets on the ground. I asked one of the police officers if that’s what they were doing, and they said yeah,” Scott said.

But it’s store surveillance video that the Linn County Major Crime Team says is proving to be a valuable piece of evidence in this case and helping to paint an accurate picture of what happened Thursday morning.

According to the Lane County Jail website, Gatewood has been booked four times at that jail since May. Her charges have included meth and heroin possession, and theft. She is in critical condition at a Corvallis hospital.

The officer is on paid administrative leave during this investigation.

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  1. JB says:

    Here’s another one with a string of felonies a mile long. Identity theft, heroin and meth possession, criminal trespass. Looks like (it’s) in the hospital in critical condition. Sounds like the officer needs to work on improving his aim.

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