Officers Prep for Operation Dry Water

BUI BOATEUGENE, Ore. — A warning for people heading out to the lake or river ahead of the holiday weekend.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is out looking for boaters who have had too much to drink.

Deputies will be on the water as part of Operation Dry Water. It’s a national event meant to drastically reduce the number of accidents related to boating under the influence.

Deputies say even a few drinks can add up.

“Alcohol, combined with the sun beating down on you combined with the movement of the water, it all really intensifies the effect of what it is that you are feeling and leads to the decision making that I see and some of the unfortunate events that I see,” said Charles Douglass, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say BUI consequence are the same as if you arrested for a DUII–jail and fines that could top $6,000.

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