Officers Shoot at Wanted Felon near Deadwood

DEADWOOD, Ore. — Oregon State Police attempted to locate a wanted felon east of Deadwood Friday night.

Lane County deputies were looking for 53-year-old Michael Dean Wasson at a remote residence on Highway 36. He was believed to be armed and had threatened to kill a relative earlier in the day.

Officers say they approached the house with a flashlight around 10 p.m.

A dog barked, which alerted the felon inside of the residence.

Officers say Wasson walked down the driveway, refusing to drop his weapon.

“He refused to drop his firearm and moved towards officers, and the trooper fired one round at the felon. The rounds missed the felon, and then the man dropped his firearm and surrendered without incident, and he was taken into custody,” said Lt. Gregg Hastings of the Oregon State Police.

Wasson was arrested on several charges including felon in possession of a firearm and violation of a restraining order.

Wasson also had warrant out for assault, menacing and rape.

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