Officials Warn of Ocean Dangers

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FLORENCE, Ore. — A warning tonight about the dangers of visiting the beach after a Eugene man died this weekend trying to save a family member in Florence. Police say a log rolled over him, soon after a wave came crashing onshore.

Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue says it takes just a few inches of water to overturn the logs along the Oregon coast, which can be deadly for bystanders.

A Eugene family out enjoying a day at the coast was caught by surprise when a wave rolled in,
overturning one of the logs a man was standing on and knocking him to the ground. The log then rolled over Ming Hsieh, 58, of Eugene.

An off duty Eugene-Springfield Firefighter who was nearby the North jetty tried to save Hsieh, but he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The fire department says this isn’t the first time a log has killed someone on the coast.

“This is about the fifth time in this very same area and we were talking about it later and I believe it was ten years ago we had a 10-year-old who was rolled over, that a log rolled over as well,” said

The fire department says there are signs in the parking lot for people to read before heading toward the ocean. During high tide, it’s a good idea to just avoid the water because currents are constantly changing.

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